First Baptist Church
Madison, Indiana
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Organ history by Alan Miller Laufman, 1993 Organ Historical Society Handbook:

Elder Jesse Vawter, a pioneer Baptist preacher from Kentucky, founded this church in 1807, on the hilltop overlooking the valley where Madison was to be laid out. First known as Crooked Creek Baptist Church and later as Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, the congregation relocated to Madison and built a meeting house there in 1831, the church's third in a quarter century. In 1853, construction began on the present brick building, finished in 1860. Hymns were "lined" until the 1880's when a small reed organ was introduced. The ladies of the church started raising money for the pipe organ in 1899, and the Felgemaker organ, which cost $1,000.00 was dedicated January 20, 1901.

Organ History from the First Baptist Church:

The air supply was originally hand pumped (and can still be pumped by hand, see photo above). Later a water powered motor was installed, then an electric blower which is still in use today.

The tracker action is intact, one of 4 trackers (mechanical action) organs in Madison yet today.

The organ has 59 facade pipes of which 21 are speaking. The case is made of solid white oak and the console stop terraces are of solid cherry. The pedals are solid maple naturals and solid walnut sharps. The Draw Knobs are solid rosewood with Ivory faceplates. The natural keys are covered with ivory, and the sharps are solid ebony.

The organ was played for nearly every service since it's installation in 1901 except for about 8 Sundays, when it was being restored or repaired.

In January 1985 the Miller Pipe Organ Co. of Louisville, Kentucky restored the organ including re-leathering the bellows.

The organ is as orginal as possible leaving every trace of the fine organ builders craft as when he built it.

756 speaking pipes, 2 manuals & pedal, 14 ranks of pipes.

A.B. Felgemaker

Erie, PA
Opus 732, 1900
Mechanical Action

Pedal Swell Great

16' Sub Bass 30w
16' Lieblich Gedeckt 30w

(on/off thumb pistons)
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great

Pedal Movements:
4 double-acting pedals:
Great Piano, Great Forte
Swell Piano, Swell Forte
balanced swell pedal
belows signal
wind indicator

16' Bourdon (TC) 49w
8' Violin Diapason, 61&m
8' Stopped Diapason, 61w
8' Aeolina, 61m
4' Flute Harmonique, 61m
8' Oboe Gamba (TC), 49m

8' Open Diapason, 61m
8' Melodia, 61m
8' Dulciana, 49m
4' Octave, 61m
4' Flute D'Amour, 61 w&m
2' Super Octave, 61m

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"The Church's One Foundation"

Alternate Recording:

Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten - J.S. Bach
- Theresa Bauer, Organist

Petit Offertoire - Cesar Franck
- Theresa Bauer, Organist

-Theresa Bauer, Organist

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